April 1, 2015

Designer Previews

For those of you who are still doing scraps -or just getting into scraps and would like a designer preview, I still do custom work. If you like any of the previews shown on this blog - feel free to contact me. I still have all these zip files and more.


Free Stuff

I am uploading my free stuff to Filefactory. I have updated all the older posts that have downloads with the new links. Stay tuned for more!!

March 6, 2015


It's been a long time since I have posted. I realized that all my links are in need of updating (so you folks can get the free stuff), and I will be doing that in the very near future. I gave up on making scrap stuff because I got burned at the first store I joined - but I still have lots of stuff I can share. I'm back to making jewelry again - so check out my other blog (the red one). I will be posting (on the blog) tips for maintaining your fashion jewelry as well as your more expensive items. There will be links to my store and Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned! hugzzzzzzz