March 28, 2009

Red Tag

More red. Hmmm, maybe I am stuck in this color. LOL There are just certain colors that look well with old papers and cardboard, and red is one of them. Lots of textures and options with this preview.

March 27, 2009

Bracket 2

Dark blue seemed to be a good idea. This classic preview layout has silver trim and a glass bauble for your logo. Sprinkle in some glitter and you have a notable presentation.

Red hearts

Everyone has to have something in romantic red. This layout is good for so many occasions. Consider this for Valentine's Day; Mother's Day; and even Christmas. Lots of options, and made in layers.

March 26, 2009

Preview service

Hate to do your scrap previews? Is putting all the pieces in there too time consuming? Well, I will do it for you. There is a one-page and a two-page preview layout service available.

March 23, 2009

Freebie album

You knew there just HAD to be a freebie in here somewhere. Well here it is. This fits the Gracie chipboard mini-album. You can snag it HERE.

Custom preview

I haven't really advertised this yet, but I make custom previews. You just give me the pertinent info, and I go to work. This is the first one I made - for Joyfully Jimi. Everyone thought it was cute, and I thought it was sooo her!

March 17, 2009

Purple binder

Some of my fellow designers love purple as much as I do. This is what took shape when I got to working on a notebook idea. There are different ways to use this - lots of options too.
You can find it here.

March 16, 2009


Keeping in mind that Easter is approaching, I thought I should make something using pastels. Using lots of layers, I connected them all with lacing.
You can get it here.

Scalloped set

Scalloped edges are popular too, but I decided to use a scalloped shape, rather than simply scalloped edges. There are two layouts - one for elements and one for papers.
You can find it here.

Stamp shape

Postage stamp shapes are popular, so I used that here as a focal point to the basic preview layout. I am still using reds, with lots of layers to play with.
You can find it here.

The house

Still using reds, I thought of a "grand opening" and thought this preview layout would be unique.
You can find it here.

Bracket 3

I got caught up with the store colors and made some previews using them. This one I call Bracket 3. It is available at the store. Follow this link.

March 15, 2009

New preview layouts

New store, new layouts. These are the two I made for the new store - SCRAPPETIZING.
I sure hope you drop by - here is the link.